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Geospatial services

Orbital Services

Orbital offers wide range of cost effective products and services employing modern geospatial technology.
ArcGIS Pro Software
Land/Aerial/Hydro Surveys

Land, topo surveys; aerial and drone mapping; bathymetric/hydrographic survey services.

Stonex R35 Total Station
Geospatial Solutions

We offer CORS, geoportals, echosounders, the GIS & BIM as well as customized geo-solutions.

Enterprise GIS Solutions

These include development of land information systems, GIS apps development etc.

Agras T30 Drone
Mobile and Web GIS

We use open source tools to develop & deploy robust mobile and web GIS solutions.

Mobile GIS App
Geospatial Training

We offer myriad Geospatial training courses in drone survey, mapping, land survey etc.

UAV and Drone Image
Project Management consultancy

Having executed several projects in Kenya and Africa, we offer consultancy in geo realm.

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Orbital ranks among the best companies in Africa offering reliable geo-products which are user friendly, flexible and available at competitive price in the market.